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Noise reducing felt rug pads

Several people will tell you how particularly annoying it is to walk on a rug or a floor and hear a squeaky sound follow their footsteps. This is often caused by the increased spaces between the floor and the rug, or simply because of a cheaply purchased felt rug pad.  However sometimes hardwood floors get squeaky over time and covering it with a rug does not seem to help. So if you are someone who does not want their guests to feel that their house is in poor shape because of the unnecessary squeaking, you should get a noise reducing felt rug pad and make your life easier. Getting the comfort and security that comes with a pad may just be the priority of the buyer but what they do not know is there are several felt rug pads out there that reduce this unnecessary noise coming from the floors to a minimum if not a zero.

Line the room to hide the sound!

If you have a carpeted floor then the easiest and the best way is to get a thick felt rug pad which will not only increases the comfort level in walking around but significantly reduce the sound being created. It can be lined throughout the room so the thickness retains and absorbs the noise. However if it is only coming from a certain corner or part of the room and the wood is not covered in carpet, it is best to get a rug and protect it with a thick felt rug pad; this does the trick. It is not just any rug pad that will reduce the noise; it has to be thick in order to have a nose reducing impact. It will keep the house and you warm, form a very nice insulating layer and as a result of all these qualities reduce the noise coming from the floor.

Felt rug pads are a lot thicker in nature and this thickness can vary depending on how comfortable you want your floor to feel. The constitution of a noise reducing felt rug pad is of very intricately and closely woven fibers that form an almost laminated layer on top of the floor avoiding any material to pass through down to the floor and destroying it and any noise to prevail and find its way to the surface. These felt rug pads are so affective they are also known as soundproof rug pads.

The thickness of the rug pad makes sure that every time you step on it the pressure of your body that made the floor go “creek” no longer reaches it, rather bounces back from the pad and gives you the comfort of walking on a cushioned floor. Its constitution is dense, thick and intricate without any air or vacuum.