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How do I care for my wool rug

There are almost no circumstances where you’d regret getting a wool rug. The extra price is always considered an investment as these rugs have the potential to outlive generations. Notice how we said potential –they also have the potential to get destroyed to the point where you need to throw them away a year within purchase. So what is it that makes the difference between these two options? How do you ensure your rug is in the first group, on its way to one day being used by your grandchildren? Well, the difference starts and ends with you, or rather, how you yourself choose to care for your wool rug. A wool carpet is a fine thing with a lot of manual effort behind it. There were no easy shortcuts in its creation. The sheep giving the wool needed to come about as slowly as sheep usually do, their wool needed to be shed carefully and prepared by sheep farmers to be used in the manufacturing of rugs and clothing, and this was before the actual rug making process began. So it only seems reasonable that extra thought is needed when dealing with wool rugs.

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You won’t want to use one for that high traffic area you’ve been looking to cover. It seems counterintuitive to let more people than necessary stomp all over your delicate wool carpet when the job is much better suited for something sturdier. Instead, look to place the rug in an area where it will be constantly appreciated and yet not feeling too great of a burden due to traffic. Living rooms are always a good choice, but keep the furniture in mind: while wool is extremely durable as a fabric itself, you won’t want to push your luck by placing heavy furniture on your wool rug and hoping it won’t end up indentured. If you must place wool carpets under furniture, do it only with the presence of adequate rug pads, compliant with woolen rugs and dense enough to make sure they offer resistance against the furniture. When cleaning the rug in any way, whether completely or just addressing a stain, stay as far away from alkaline-based chemical cleaners as possible, as many can damage the fine fibers or even cause new stains. Look to always be slow and methodical in the way you clean your wool rug. Remember that they can stick around for generations, so why be in a rush about cleaning them? If you get a liquid spill, you need to take advantage of the wool rug’s natural suspension of liquid. As long as you act quickly enough, the fibers won’t absorb the liquid, and you can simply blot it out with a mixture of vinegar and water(but not too much vinegar!). Unfortunately, many people are simply unaware that scrubbing the stained spot, even with the right mixture, will only serve to deepen the stain, making it worse and accomplishing little else. Your wool rug was kind enough to not let the liquid through, don’t repay its kindness by pushing that liquid inside by violently scrubbing the spot you are supposed to gently blot.